Shed Decorating Ideas

A place for space
This elegant, open design in blue is perfect for a calming getaway.
Simple, clean lines, useful, and oh so blue!

Large and in charge
Need a larger space? Here is a great plain design, perfect for a garage or large metal shed. Lots of room for many purposes, and so easy to live in.

A real favorite
Lots of seating here for you and your guests. This live in space offers plenty of room and an awesome design as well.

Turquoise & Lime
This she shed is colorful and adorable! Perfect for her special place to live and enjoy life.

Windows and more windows.
This lovely green home shed is exactly right for an open breeze and lots of trees! Wonderful design and color that fits the landscape perfectly.

Decadent pirate man shed:
Now here’s a real man shed!
Lots of wood and decking too.
This shed serves as a bar man cave as well as a pirate’s haven.

Shabby chic shed:
Here is a typical shabby chic shed, perfect for her. Shabby chic or country decor would go best with this lovely shed.

Contemporary and cozy:
This shed has great lines and a wonderful open feel to it. Perfect for her or him. Excellent use of space as well.

Outside and in:
This shed space is great! Lots of room inside and out and a great design to go with it. Room for Fido too!

Bohemian Getaway
Boho at it’s finest here.
This shed is perfect for Boho decor and zen designs.
Peaceful and calming.